Reliable comms are mission critical


Let us show you how good life in the Cloud can be

With no line rental, no setup fees, no installation costs and no long-term contracts to sign, CloudTalk is the obvious choice for any modern, forward-thinking business.

CloudTalk is an all-in-one, cloud-based phone system for business. It brings your entire phone system together in simple, powerful desktop & mobile apps which allow you to work anywhere you like, without the downsides or complexity of traditional telephony. With a huge range of numbers available you can create a local presence from any area of the UK, or port in your existing numbers free of charge.

Built, supported and hosted in the UK, it allows businesses to easily communicate and collaborate, it’s easy to set up and there’s little to no maintenance required.

Traditional telephone lines – also known as ISDN lines – have been in use by businesses since the late 1980s. By 2025, these traditional lines will no longer exist after BT switches off all ISDN circuits in the UK. While old ISDN lines may be viewed as reliable, they are now legacy technology. When reviewed against newer developments in VoIP, ISDN is now expensive, very inflexible and contains outdated features.

The freedom and flexibility that CloudTalk offers makes it easier for you to be more productive wherever and whenever you like. Users can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile apps, as well as their UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers, so they remain available, regardless of where they’re working.

Plus, if you need to manage your calls and call settings, you can do so from within the apps. With high audio quality and an intuitive interface, CloudTalk makes business on the move easier than ever before.

Switching to our managed voice solution now can help reduce your outgoing phone costs by up to 35% while allowing you to benefit from boosted productivity rates, mobility packages and powerful presence software so you always know where your employees are (additional purchase required). Users can be set up in minutes, with add-ons and changes made quickly and simply. Plus, it’s easy to scale and add new users with no disruption.

CloudTalk uses data and WiFi networks to make and receive calls via the apps. Integrating with your mobile device seamlessly, the experience is the same as that for an old school SIM-based call. We also provide automated call forwarding for those rare times that there’s no internet connection available.

The modern, flexible & reliable replacement for your business phones. CloudTalk is made for business.

  • How does cloudtalk work? +

    CloudTalk is a cloud-based business phone system, which allows you to make and receive calls on any device from wherever you are. It works using apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone & Android which allow you to make and receive calls on your business phone numbers, view your user and team call activity and manage your settings and preferences instantly.

  • Do I need any technical knowledge to set it up? +

    No. As long as you can operate the basic functions on a mobile phone or a computer system, you’ll find CloudTalk really easy. Simply download the apps, and it’s ready.  We take care of all the heavy technical lifting so you don't have to.

  • Does this replace my desk phones? +

    Yes you can remove your desk phones and associated hardware and move to a more flexible way of running your business phone system. We add your users and provision your phone numbers.  All you have to do is use the apps to make and receive your calls.

  • Does it support phone hardware? +

    Yes. CloudTalk supports USB/Bluetooth headsets. We can recommend phone headsets that have been fully tested with CloudTalk. Please note that the software doesn’t support traditional IP deskphones.

  • Can I get my whole team on CloudTalk? +

    Absolutely! That’s what it’s been designed for.

  • Can I use business mobile numbers with cloudtalk? +

    Yes. There’s no need for additional contracts with other providers anymore. You can bring all your phone numbers into one easy system (or choose new ones) and your team can simply BYOD and run CloudTalk on their own devices.

  • Does it support sms? +

    Yes. If you add mobile numbers to your system, you can send and receive SMS messages.

  • How long does setup take? +

    One of the many benefits of cloud technology is instant provisioning, so your setup happens instantly, with on installation required!

  • Is it VOIP? +

    Essentially, yes. But CloudTalk doesn’t require any desk-based or line-based hardware (SIP etc.) All the technology is built-in the apps, so you just need a broadband or mobile data connection for it to work.

  • What if I don’t have an internet or data connection? +

    You won’t be able to make outbound calls without a connection, but you can choose to have calls automatically forwarded to your mobile number if you don’t have an internet or data connection available.

  • Does it cost anything to receive calls on cloudtalk? +

    No. Receiving calls is free of charge on CloudTalk.

  • Does it sync-up my phone contacts? +

    Yes you can either sync contacts from your mobile phone, add contacts in the app, or if you use a CRM that CloudTalk integrates with, you can sync from there.

  • Am I tied into a contract? +

    No, there’s no commitment with CloudTalk.

Enterprise level service


CloudTalk gives customers complete freedom to choose unique numbers from hundreds of different geographic codes, national rate or even mobile.


Integrate business CRM software with CloudTalk to enable click to call directly from customer databases on the app.


Between call conferencing and CRM app integration, customers can instantly connect with their consumers.

Access to Great Features


Audio runs at a far superior bit-rate to traditional systems, with high quality audio via desktop and mobile apps.


Switch between mobile and desktop applications and UK local and mobile numbers in an instant, in any location.


Consolidate business contracts and enjoy unlimited minutes to any UK 01, 02, 03 and mobile numbers.

Why choose CloudTalk?

A powerful cloud phone system for a truly anywhere experience

Conduct business anywhere with CloudTalk. As an intuitive desktop to mobile softphone VoIP app, CloudTalk was built from the ground up in the UK, requires no legacy hardware and can be deployed in minutes.