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Moving to the Cloud is the right decision. The entire industry is moving that way, in a big way, and individual businesses without a solid Cloud infrastructure run the risk of being left behind.

That’s why, in addition to our comprehensive set of Managed Cloud services, we also offer personalised training solutions for businesses and individuals at every level, from those just considering the cloud right through to advanced courses on maximising the value of your existing Cloud infrastructure.

Considering the Cloud

If your organisation is thinking about moving to the Cloud, then our Considering the Cloud series is perfect for you. In it, you will learn how the cloud can offer huge savings with its ‘pay as you go’ model, how you can scale your Cloud as your organisation grows and how faster Cloud collaborative features will enable you to increase efficiency in your organisation while keeping a finger on the pulse of your staff’s performance.

Making the Move

Now that you’ve made the decision adopt Cloud technologies in your organisation, you need to know the best ways to achieve those goals and what pitfalls you need to be looking out for. In our Making the Move series, you will learn how to outline a comprehensive and safe migration path for your journey, how to avoid the most common mistakes new users make when moving to the Cloud and finally ways in which you can integrate your new Cloud services with your existing on-site infrastructure.

Maximising your Cloud

For intermediate to advanced Cloud uses, in our Maximising your Cloud series you will learn how to make the most of your new or existing Cloud deployment by integrating powerful visual Business Intelligence into your administrative workflows, increasing efficiency with powerful data sharing and file storage features while collaborating more closely with smart team productivity and communication tools.

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