Take a phased approach with hybrid deployments

Cloud Integrations

Let us show you how good life in the Cloud can be

A fully integrated Cloud is key to maximising return on your Cloud investment, and not only that it just makes good sense. Tight integration between your infrastructure applications means less data entry for you and your staff, fewer data transcription errors, better business intelligence and increased agility.

Ditch the duplicate work

Imagine a world where a customer updates their website profile and your sales CRM, accounting system and shared company directory all receive the new information and update their associated records accordingly.

That’s exactly what Cloud Integration can achieve.

This means less data entry work and more efficient collaboration for your staff and stronger business analytics for you.

It’s your data, use it wisely

Tight integrations between your business apps means that you’ll have a much better picture of what’s happening in your organisation, from day-to-day monitoring to extended forecasting.

In addition, powerful visual business intelligence tools become available, giving you unparalleled agility and the ability to make snap decisions based on real-time data.

Our Cloud Integration service begins with a discovery session where we learn about your organisation while identifying and filling any gaps in your Cloud services.

Our Integration path ensures a minimal amount of workplace disruption and subsequent training and support is ongoing.

Can you afford not to implement an Integrated Cloud?

Get smart, get agile with our Cloud Integration Service

The data you need, when you need it on whatever device you happen to be using. Increased staff productivity and a better understanding through advanced business intelligence.