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Productivity Managed Cloud Service Plan

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Communicate, collaborate and become more productive than ever before with our Productivity plans. Not only will your staff be able to work more efficiently, smart online tools will help you strategically evaluate and optimize your project portfolio to maximize its value and deliver on business goals.  Improve customer service through a single, unified experience that delivers end-to-end service across every channel—earning customer loyalty and empowering agents.

The Productivity Plan lets you quickly import your plans from Project or Project Server, then use the web-based software to share them with team members anywhere in the world. As team members make updates, you’ll be able to review their changes in real-time and quickly collaborate to stay on schedule.  Take advantage of robust tools for scheduling, time and task management, and resource assignments to help you optimize project plans to deliver better results.

The Cirrus plan also lets you access our custom integraton service, allowing seamless integration with collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Yammer, which encourages teamwork and ultimately produces better results across projects.  Business intelligence is handled through built-in reports and BI tools to let you visualize data to gain insights across projects, programs, and portfolios, and make more informed decisions.

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Understanding the plans

All Productivity plans feature multiple seats of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project and Dynamics 365. The Stratus plan also includes full documentation, community support and limited integration with on-site and 3rd party services.

The Cumulus plan introduces more seats for you and your team and brings individualised training features into the mix. Keep your staff up to date and productive with free webinars and unlimited phone support while participating in a community of your peers using the same Cloud solutions.

And finally, our Starter Cirrus plan offers enhanced analytics, even more storage, professional one-to-one training for you and your staff plus 24/7 emergency support.

What to expect

Irrespective of which plan you decide is right for your organisation, you can rest assured that you’ll receive constant and considered care, as we understand that business doesn’t always happen between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00.

Our Community Support pages are populated by people just like you, working all available hours getting to grips with a world of ever-changing technical products and services. Chances are that someone has run into a similar issue.

Our Ticket System, Live Chat and Phone support are all staffed by folks who will not only take the time to get acquainted with you and your organisation, will always strive to answer any questions you might have to the best of their ability.

Drive portfolio value and improve project outcomes

Productivity Managed Cloud Service Plan

Keep you and your team organised and boost productivity with powerful business intelligence, project management and team collaboration.