Honesty, promise-keeping and respect

The CloudPlanet Ethos

Founded on the principles of Chief Planeteer Todd Harrison, CloudPlanet is committed to responsible practice throughout all business interactions. We believe in equality for all. From the top to the bottom, we support both our staff and executives in learning the art of ethical decision making and aim to build strong relationships with all our stakeholders, both internal and external.

We believe in providing our customers solid value for money and constantly strive to bring the best services to market at a price point that is both realistic and achievable while providing each client the support necessary to fully leverage the value of those services.

Why is This Important?

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has quickly been gaining ground over the last couple of decades in direct response to the growing levels of poverty and inequality right across the globe.

At its heart, being a ‘responsible business’ means walking a fine line between being financially driven and socially conscious. In today’s Friedman-esque world of business, those two are often seen as diametrically opposed, but in the cold light of day one cannot exist without the other.

A responsible business will ultimately make decisions which are financially sound, yet not detrimental to others.

Commitment to business integrity:

At CloudPlanet, our ethical principles are founded on honesty, promise-keeping, fairness, respect for others and a healthy compassion for both our clients and staff.

We remain committed to these principles even when confronted by personal, professional or social hardships or economic pressures.

Commitment to ethical decision-making:

All executives and staff are trained to identify ethical components to any problem or issue that they may experience in their daily work. When an issue is encountered, relevant personal issues are considered and the rights, vulnerabilities and responsibilities of all parties involved are reviewed to ensure objectivity and reduce bias when devising a solution.

Commitment to environmental sustainability:

Environmental sustainability is not only a statement from us, but is deeply embedded in our DNA. Digital (a.k.a. Cloud) services are a cornerstone of lowering an organisations paper reliance and subsequent carbon footprint.

Our internal processes are kept as paperless as possible and we follow strict recycling and responsible waste schemes in our daily work.

Where possible, we will choose vendors who support environmental sustainability and who themselves have a strong environmental sustainability policy.

Commitment to strong internal and external relationships:

Strong relationships are a cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to fair and ethical treatment of others. Personal circumstances are taken into account when dealing with any issues that may arise, internally or externally.

We believe strongly that a happy workplace is a productive workplace and strive to ensure staff stay as stress-free as possible during any given working day.

Interactions with clientele are kept professional yet friendly and are based on a foundation of trust, mindfulness and respect.

Commitment to reviewing, analysing and adapting:

We actively encourage a dynamic workplace where staff seek assistance if they have questions or are uncertain about the correct response to a given situation. We encourage introspection and reflective practice and regularly reiew the outcomes of this practice to improve future interactions.

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